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Carefully and intentionally created, our foundation's core values are the heart of our operations. One girl left without access to quality education and care is one too many, and we are dedicated to eradicating that gap for generations of women to come.

July 2019

Foundation Established in the United States and Nigeria

Obtaining official nonprofit status was a vital first step in accomplishing our goals. It was critical for us to set up operations in both Nigeria and the United States to maximize our impact.

January 2020

Partnership Officialized with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education

With the formal support of the Nigerian government, our work was bolstered to new levels. Meeting with the government and finalizing our collaboration was an integral moment for the foundation.

January 2021

Partnership Officialized With Vivian Fowler Memorial Girls School

With hundreds of identified girls, this all-girls public school will serve as our flagship school and is committed to hosting us for our Leadership Program along with providing classroom space and staff support.

January 2022

Amina Youth Residential Treatment Centre Opening

Our multifaceted curriculum in STEM, leadership, career preparation, and health & wellness will launch in our flagship school. This is when the real impact for the girls begins.

June 2025

Amina All Girls Learning Centre Opening

The first-of-its-kind centre for professional, personal, and financial empowerment is on its way to completion in summer of 2025. Doors are set to open on the acquired Amina Foundation land in Abuja.