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The Amina Leadership Program for Girls

The Amina Leadership program for girls (ALP) features a quad dimensional curriculum in STEM, leadership, career preparation, and most centrally, health and wellness.

Educating these young girls about puberty and sexual health (in addition to the adjunct components) will serve as preventive interventions to factors most influential in girls withdrawing from school.

​The program will take place during the senior secondary years of participants (ages 14-18). Instruction will be led by a trained education specialist in collaboration with a qualified staff member of the host institution. Together they will engage girls in topics ranging from STD and pregnancy conscious sex education to ways to protect themselves from sexual harassment at home. In their final year of this program, students will conduct their very own “Passion Project” or an identified solution to an educational need in their communities.

​Effectively addressing Nigeria’s gender education gap and empowering this once shielded population into active members of society will have monumental effects on alleviating poverty, preventing health crisis and improving the overall being of young women.